School Paper 2

«Light of paper»
1 day of creative workshop from the falls of paper production.
6 most prestigious French design schools.
8 motivated jurors.

Meet the 6 projects from leading Parisian design schools, invited by Procédés Chénel to take part in ‘School Paper’, a one day intensive competition to design and craft ephemeral installations made out of paper provided by Procédés Chénel.

Procédés Chénel – Architecture de Papier is a renowned paper manufacturing company that specialises in banners, ceilings, partition walls, lighting systems and furniture, using paper of varying thickness, texture and opacity. Yaki is a lighting specialist for sign manufacturers, lighting designers and architects.

In order to prepare for the competition, students were given the opportunity to visit Procédés Chénel’s and partner Yaki’s workshop and showroom, where they were introduced to a variety of innovative products, manufacturing and assembly techniques. They were asked to work with the theme “paper light” and to come up with original and inventive solutions aimed at celebrating the unique qualities of the paper samples.

Design students were given 6 hours to realise their concepts utilising the provided samples. The proposals were then evaluated by a panel of renowned designers and experts. 

  • École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (Ensad)
  • ENSCI-Les Ateliers
  • Strate – Ecole de design
  • Ecole Duperré Paris
  • École de Condé
  • Ecole Boulle – Ecole Nationale des Arts Appliqués aux Industries de l’Ameublement
  • École Camondo

Garden Party & Prizes

Congratulations to the 3 winners of the School Paper 2 contest! The prizes were presented on June 6th 2019, during Procédés Chénel’s Garden Party – a two-day mini trade show to discover French finest crafters for sustainable & event-driven architecture.

  • Ecole de Condé – Chloé Lagarde et Clément Dhote
    For their folding inspired by NASA satellites and the declination of their concept.
  • ENSCI – Rémi Taulemesse
    For the apparent simplicity of his design generating immediate visual impact.
  • Ecole Boulle – Marie Cadoret et Niels Nijman
    For literally “cooking” their material and proposing a new approach to paper scrap reprocessing.

A wonderful and rich moment of exchanges among sharp professional jurors and promising talented students!

Jurors (from top left to down right on the picture below):
Pierre GendrotMarialya BestougeffVincent GrégoireSoline d’AbovilleGuillaume LehouxDan-Antoine Blanc-Shapira – Sascha Nordmeyer – Magali Lancien